Nature’s finest material
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At Carl Hansen & Søn, we believe that iconic design combines simplicity, aesthetics, and functionality. For over 115 years, we have specialized in providing outstanding furniture craftsmanship that brings visionary design concepts to life using the highest quality materials. Because our furniture is built to last a lifetime, it is vital that we select our wood from carefully vetted suppliers who share our values. Over time, we have cultivated long-standing relationships with these suppliers built upon mutual respect for natural materials and a deep commitment to quality. 

Since 2017, Carl Hansen & Søn has been a proud manufacturer of FSCTM-certified furniture. Up to 90% of the wood we use in our products is FSC-certified, and the remainder derives from non-certified sustainable forestry. We use nearly every bit of wood we source, and the remaining scraps are repurposed as fuel to provide warmth to our production area and more than 450 local homes. And, even once that piece of wood has become furniture, its positive impact continues: a substantial amount of carbon is stored in wooden products.

The Benefits of Wood on Well-being


Wood has always been a beloved building material: it’s abundant, easy to access, and environmentally friendly when sourced from responsibly managed forests. But its benefits to our well-being add even more value to its role in our lives. Unlike human-made materials like concrete and plastic, wood has been demonstrated to have a calming effect on people’s emotional and physiological states, causing a drop in blood pressure, lowering the pulse, and reducing negative thoughts and anxiety. Simply touching a wooden surface has a soothing impact, evoking primal feelings of safety with its tactility.

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Shaping Nature into Masterful Designs

Every piece from Carl Hansen & Søn tells a story that starts with its materials. There are many elements to consider when it comes to materials, from important practicalities like strength, durability, and tactility, to more abstract qualities like beauty and the emotional response the material evokes. Wood is our great passion. Along with the classic varieties such as oak, beech, and ash, we also incorporate walnut, mahogany, and teak into our production.

On a journey towards environmentally certified wood.

WALNUT - Valued for its warm sheen, walnut boasts a decorative grain distinguished by a clear, slightly undulating pattern that makes each piece of wood one-of-a-kind.

CH23 Chair in oiled walnut.

ASH - Recognized for its light color and marbled grain pattern, ash is flexible and fibrous hardwood, ideal for steam bending of chairs featuring particular flexibility in their construction.

KK87830 Propeller Stool.

TEAK - Highly resistant to weather and water damage, teak unites premium quality with a polished appearance.

BK11 Lounge Chair in untreated teak.

MAHOGANY - Mahogany possesses great strength and durability - a favorite amongst cabinetmakers for its ability to take intricate carving.

VLA61 Monarch Chair in oiled mahogany.

BEECH - Beech boasts impressive strength and a pleasingly uniform appearance, making it ideal for furniture that requires optimal strength and high abrasion resistance.

CH24 Wishbone Chair in black, matte painted beech.

OAK - Beloved for its durability and distinctive grain pattern, oak has been a staple of Scandinavian design for decades.

CH22 Lounge Chair in oak with a soap treatment.

Wonders of wood sculptures

A series of abstract compositions made from leftover wood, crafted by sculptor Nicholas Shurey, interprets the character of a variety of wood species in use at Carl Hansen & Søn. Employing raw or processed oak, walnut, ash, beech, mahogany, and teak, these compositions all exhibit a love for natural materials and the careful processing and crafting of each furniture design by Carl Hansen & Søn.


Like the furniture in our production the wood was collected from local sawmills, while in-house artisans applied furniture treatments and finishes such as soap, oil, and waterbased paint to expose the distinctive qualities and character of each wood type.

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