Q&A with apprentice Amalie Liv Holm

Amalie Liv Holm, 23 years old, apprentice at Carl Hansen & Søn.

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How far have you come in your training?
I’m one year into my training, and I will finish in March 2025.


Why did you choose to start as an apprentice in THE LAB at Carl Hansen & Søn?
I applied to do an apprenticeship at Carl Hansen & Søn because I dream of helping to make some of the most highly
acclaimed Danish design classics, which the company is renowned for. I had a good feeling about the company
when I heard a story on a guided tour about how the company has been passed down for generations within the
same family. That feeling turned out to be well-founded and I look forward to going to work every day when I get up
in the morning.


What is the best thing about being an apprentice in THE LAB at Carl Hansen & Søn?
THE LAB apprentice workshop gives me the opportunity to learn the foundations of cabinet making. There is time to
tweak the machines, and to learn the basics such as setting up a plane and sharpening a chisel. The opportunity to
focus on the details in my trade makes me feel equipped for life as a graduate in a few years.


What can THE LAB apprentice workshop at Carl Hansen & Søn offer that other apprenticeships cannot?
The best thing about being an apprentice at Carl Hansen & Søn is THE LAB apprentice workshop and the strong
focus on learning and upskilling. I feel valued and equal, and I have a teacher who is passionate about helping us
become some of the most talented in the trade.


What do you want to use your training for down the road?
In the future, I could imagine going on to study furniture design and becoming the next Børge Mogensen, but right
now I am happy to work with classic pieces. If at some point I feel I have done enough of that, and the opportunity
to work in one of our flagship stores in a major city like Tokyo or New York arises, then I might take such a leap.